Welcome to the Analyze page of AIrish! This section is designed for those who wish to delve deeper into the nuances of Irish drama through data-driven insights. Here, you can explore all of the plays in our corpus at the same time—this page helps you uncover patterns and trends that, hopefully, offer a unique perspective on Irish theatrical works.

Overview of Tools
N-gram Trend

Our N-gram Trends Analysis tool lets you explore how certain words or phrases have emerged, evolved, or faded away across the corpus. Simply enter a word or phrase (up to three words), and our tool will display its frequency and usage patterns over time.

This tool is ideal for researchers interested in linguistic trends, thematic evolution, and the influence of historical and cultural shifts on playwriting.

Average Lengths

Our Average Length Visualization tool allows you to see the structural aspects of Irish drama using. At present, we offer the following metrics to gain insights into the evolution of playwriting.

  • Speech Lengths: Analyze the average length of speeches in the plays.
  • Sentence Lengths: Explore how sentence lengths vary across different works.
  • Scene Lengths: Look into the average length of scenes to understand scene dynamics.
  • Number of Characters per Play: Examine how the number of characters in plays has changed over time.
  • Number of Words per Character: Discover the average number of words spoken by each character.